Problems with rewrite on windows

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Tue Sep 15 18:10:03 MSD 2009

Hi again everyone,

I'm still having great difficulties getting this to work.

(clean urls by having folders with index.html files in them generated by backend) 
As of now, nginx doesn´t find an index.html file in a folder, if the foldername contains non ascii chars.

Igor said this was due to a bug in nginx on windows, which I can confirm, since this setup works on linux and os x.

A sollution :

> Well, then you need
>  location / {
>    root   c:/webroot/SITE/site/www/;
>    try_files $uri $uri/index.html =404;
>  }

Unfortunately this does not work, but does give me an 404.

The thing is, there is a file at the path, but nginx is not finding it due to a non-ascii character in the url.
Weird thing, because it works when accessing the file directly.


/something/ørne/index.html = works
/something/ørne/ = does not work

Also urls with only ascii chars work in both cases

/something/else/index.html = works
/something/else/ = works

This seems to be an error in nginx for windows, so maybe the solution is to beg my client to install linux on their server instead :) ... unfortunately this seems further fetched than getting nginx to function.

Anybody got some insight?

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