Is there a way to configure nginx not to block request from a specific IP address?

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Fri Sep 18 11:28:02 MSD 2009

machineatube Wrote:

> thanks,
> my bad, it is because I did not change the net
> bind parameter in windows regedit,( I connect to a
> linux virtual machine from my windows machine).
> and it works now, all request could be responsed.
> but I found another question is that when I put
> about 50000 static files(all files are less than
> 1k bytes) under the linux machine folder, I can
> run at about 240 requests per second, but after I
> put 1 million files under that folder and still I
> run the same loops, I can only run at 95 request
> per second, why does that happen? is there
> something specific I need to set in nginx or I
> need to change some settings in the linux
> envrioment?(my test linux machine system: ubuntu
> LTS 8.04 on vmware single processor, p4 2.8g,
> 7200rpm, a normal machine, the ulimit -n is 1024)

the performance down turn does nothing with nginx, 
it is a os issue, after I added an 1g memory to the virtual machine
the system can run at about 398 request per second now,
the speed can only be much higher in a real server machine,

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