$host doesn't work with case insensitive domains

David Murphy david at icewatermedia.com
Wed Sep 23 19:03:08 MSD 2009

Why don’t you use   Embedded Perl ( http://wiki.nginx.org/NginxEmbeddedPerlModule ) to    do a string to lower type function , so the path is sanitized?

David Murphy

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Subject: $host doesn't work with case insensitive domains


for example,

domain.com will work fine.
but if I will request Domain.com/DOMAIN.COM/domAin.com it will result in a Not Found 404 (because there is no "/var/www/html/domAin.com" etc.)

I used the $host variable for virtual hosts root /var/www/html/$host;

it happens because the directory is in lowercase name in linux  (/var/www/html/domain.com) so is there anyway to make nginx read all incoming domains as lowercase ones ?

p.s sorry for the bad english.


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