Why named shared memory zones

Marcus Clyne maccaday at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 00:39:49 MSD 2009

> I do not think that short syntax is good, suppose:
> proxy_cache_path  /data/nginx/cache  1:2  ONE  10m  20m  50m;
Sure, I can see why it could be confusing, but that's why I'm suggesting 
both as an option, and leave it up to whoever manages the server to 
decide whether they want the longer or shorter syntax.  I think there 
will be others than just myself who would prefer a shorter syntax as an 

You could also write the above as

proxy_cache_path  /data/nginx/cache  1:2  ONE 10M  20m  50M

which helps to differentiate between the time and keys zone size, or you 
could have

proxy_cache_path  /data/nginx/cache  1:2  ONE:10M  20m  50M

to link the shm name with size, which might make it easier to remember 
the order if you have to.


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