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<quote who="pepejose">

> in short, how can I verify that X-Accel-Redirect is working?
> I looked at the headers with the plugin for firefox live http headers but
> I see no differences

Add a header to an exclusive chunk of your PHP code or nginx configuration.
For example:

    header("X-Accel-Redirect: /$image"); // nginx will strip this
    header("X-For-The-Win: win"); // nginx won't strip this though
  readfile($image); // won't *ever* have the X-For-The-Win header

You could also do something on the nginx side, but this lets you know that
your app is at least doing the right thing.

If you're proxy_pass-ing to the app, you can also just use curl or wget to
talk to it directly, to see which headers it's passing to nginx.

(Note that you can configure nginx to do *anything* based on the URL it gets
from the backend -> you could proxy_pass again, fastcgi_pass, whatever. But
it is most useful when you tell nginx to just serve up a static file.)

- Jeff

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