Absolute rather than relative times in expires directives

Mark James mrj at advancedcontrols.com.au
Sun Aug 1 15:39:50 MSD 2010

On 08/01/10 19:51, Denis F. Latypoff wrote:
> 01.08.2010, 13:23, "Mark James"<mrj at advancedcontrols.com.au>:
>> I have a static HTML page that is updated at midnight each day. So I'd like to set its expires directive to an absolute
>> rather than a relative time.
> Yes:
>      expires @23h59m;

Thanks Denis!

That form of the expires directive wasn't in the English documentation at http://wiki.nginx.org/NginxHttpHeadersModule .

I've re-written the English documentation for the expires directive as best I could, which included adding the "@" and 
"modified" forms that were only in the Russian doc.

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