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KyleChristensen nginx-forum at
Tue Aug 3 21:06:26 MSD 2010


I've got 0.8.48 installed, and the dma_code and area_code are working
well. however, when I include $geoip_region_name via:

fastcgi_param   GEOIP_REGION            $geoip_region;
fastcgi_param  GEOIP_REGION_NAME       $geoip_region_name;
fastcgi_param   GEOIP_CITY              $geoip_city;
fastcgi_param   GEOIP_DMA_CODE          $geoip_dma_code;
fastcgi_param   GEOIP_AREA_CODE         $geoip_area_code;

My nginx workers start to segfault:

2010/08/03 13:03:51 [alert] 16637#0: worker process 16733 exited on
signal 11
2010/08/03 13:03:52 [alert] 16637#0: worker process 16734 exited on
signal 11
2010/08/03 13:03:54 [alert] 16637#0: worker process 16732 exited on
signal 11

The second I comment out that parameter and HUP nginx, it goes back to
working as usual.

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