nginx v0.7.67 and php-fpm 5.3.3 SEO "pretty URL's" Problem

Per Hansson nginx-forum at
Wed Aug 4 14:50:31 MSD 2010

Hi, I'm having a problem with nginx after upgrading php-fpm from PHP
version 5.3.2 > 5.3.3 (internal php-fpm version 0.6.0 > 0.6.5)
After doing the upgrade a "pretty URL's" fastcgi_pass I use no longer
works, now php-fpm does not care about the URL's, so it is very strange
if that would be the culprit, I've asked the php-fpm guys without
getting anywhere, I've also looked for it's changelog for versions 0.6.0
> 0.6.5 without luck...

This is the rewrite I use:
        ## Forum Archive fastCGI pass
        location /vb/all/ {
          rewrite ^/vb/all/windows/(.*)$ /vb/all/windows?$1 break;
          rewrite ^/vb/all /vb/all/windows/ permanent;
            fastcgi_pass  unix:/dev/shm/php.sock;
            fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME
            fastcgi_param QUERY_STRING    $query_string;

So you see the file named "windows" without extension is my PHP file,
with php 5.3.2 this works great, you can see it live here:

But with php 5.3.3 it fails, I'm linking a log excerpt of the error
The top part is where it is working
And below that my internal testserver with the updated PHP where it is
not working...

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