Sensible Performance/Growth Strategies?

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Thu Aug 5 03:53:21 MSD 2010

I would say you can run Magento with APC, php-fpm and easily server a
few hundred visitors per day on 512mb on a Debian/Ubuntu/FreeBsd
build.  I have a set up on the same spec and Magento can serve fresh
pages in less than a second (which is still very slow for a cms but
much faster for Magento on Apache etc).  You should be able to serve a
few thousand page views a day comfortably on a set up like this.

You can use Nginx FastCgi Cache instead of Varnish.

I haven't tried Memcached with Magento.

On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 3:33 AM, Raina Gustafson <raina at> wrote:
> I'm looking for advice on how to get the most out of my servers, and
> am looking for information on the advantages/disadvantages of various
> strategies.
> Right now, I have a production (ve) from Media Temple with 1GB and a
> development (ve) with 512MB. I'm running one installation of Magento,
> and get between 100-300 visitors per day. My traffic is directly
> proportional to the number of products in my catalog, so I know that
> as I add more products I will receive more traffic. Obviously, it's a
> humble little operation right now.
> Last spring, I naively set up Apache with APC Cache and Varnish, not
> realizing that it wouldn't support SSL without further intervention.
> Since Nginx can support SSL with or without Varnish, and since it has
> such a great reputation for performance, I made the switch.
> On the production server, I just have Nginx running by itself right
> now while I work out a better system. I installed APC on the dev
> server this morning, which seems to be helping with PHP memory
> consumption. I intend to install Varnish as well, and should attempt
> to optimize MySQL, but thought I'd consult the community before
> proceeding since I'm not completely confident in the path I'm on.
> I don't really know how to weigh the pros and cons of creating a more
> complicated system vs. paying for a more powerful server. Nor do I
> understand at what point I should start considering memcached, load
> balancing, etc. There are likely more appropriate steps between where
> I'm at now and those solutions, but I'd love to have a plan of action
> established for the future.
> Any thoughts? Any resources where I can further educate myself? Thanks!
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