Equivalent of Apache's SetEnv Variable

Michael Shadle mike503 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 5 11:35:13 MSD 2010

On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 12:17 AM, Grzegorz Nosek
<grzegorz.nosek at gmail.com> wrote:

> location @application/x-httpd-php {
>  fastcgi_pass ...; # etc.
> }

I think this would be more appropriate, personally:

type application/x-httpd-php {
   fastcgi_pass ...; # etc.

it's not really a location, and needing to use the "@" for prefixing a
named location... all that seems like a hack bolted on to the existing

it'd be nice to see

type text/plain {
   expires max;

type text/css {
   expires max;

... etc ...

currently the same thing is a location block with
js|css|ico|gif|jpg|jpeg etc... one single line to max the headers
would be interesting to fill in. and not have it be conflicting with
existing locations.

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