Sensible Performance/Growth Strategies?

rainer at rainer at
Thu Aug 5 20:49:21 MSD 2010

> On Thu, Aug 05, 2010 at 12:24:23PM -0400, Alex Sergeyev wrote:

> varnish relies on OS internals too: it mmap()s a huge file that
> may be larger tens times physical memory and perfomance relies on
> how OS flushes modified pages to a disk and how then OS reads them
> back to memory.
>> I'm not sure about internals of each project and how they work under
>> Linux vs FreeBSD servers. This could be a decision reason too.
> Both Varnish and nginx are developed on FreeBSD.

Recently, we did a test with serving just static files (from a FreeBSD8.1
VM), a very small data-set.
nginx0.7 was 1.8 times faster than varnish (both mostly untuned).
So, I'd say that OOTB, just serving static files, nginx wins.
Though, I still think that varnish has a place and there are probably
certain situations where it can beat and will nginx.


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