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Sun Aug 8 05:41:43 MSD 2010

I'd like a solution with using spawn-fcgi.

As I understand it, that Perl wrapper forks into background itself.

I have a script where I load all FastCGI wrappers from:

spawn-fcgi -C 3 -u www-data -s /var/run/php-fcgi.sock -P 
/var/run/ -- /usr/bin/php5-cgi
spawn-fcgi -F 3 -u www-data -s /var/run/lua-fcgi.sock -P 
/var/run/ -- /usr/bin/wsapi.fcgi

it works very well that way, and I have PID files, that I can use to 
kill the wrappers with:

kill $(cat /var/run/
kill $(cat /var/run/

I'd like a Perl wrapper that works in the same way, meaning that I'd 
pass most stuff with spawn-fcgi. Also, It would give me the possibility 
of controlling how many children I want to spawn (-F switch).

Is there a solution that uses spawn-fcgi? I was looking for something 
like that, But there's only little, and most of it is quite confusing.

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