nginx 0.8.47 php-fpm error_page not working

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Mon Aug 9 08:35:48 MSD 2010

Dear Edogawaconan / Igor,

I tried both the above corrections but still the problem remains the
same. As suggested
by Igor, I have removed

> if (-f $request_filename) {
> break;
> }

As for fastcgi_intercept_errors it is already ON as per the included
fastcgi_params file.

As for edogawaconan's suggession about adding an equal to sign after
location, I have
tried it earlier and also did it once again. I then stopped and started
php-fpm as well as
nginx manually [not using restart] and making sure stop killed the
running services.

Thanks for your efforts to help. But I do not see where the problem is.
Everything seems
to be correct. Since I am new to nginx, I am unable to clearly read
through the debug
output that I have attached above and find the cause of the problem. I
wish if any one
can read the debug output to understand where the problem is? I am sure
the cause
of the problem is noted in the debug output, but being new I am unable
to decipher
it. Thanks again in advance for trying to help.


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