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Piotr Sikora piotr.sikora at
Wed Aug 11 08:18:58 MSD 2010


> I am still unable to have processes started as needed.

This doesn't tell anything useful.
1) Did you follow installation process as described in README?
2) What configuration do you use?
3) What does debug log show (

> Let's say that one process needs 10 seconds to complete and I have one
> backend server in the rotation, processing two requests at the same time
> will take 20 seconds. Is there a way to have nginx / ngx_supervisord
> recognized that another backend server is needed and that the two are
> done in 10 seconds?

Yes and no. ngx_supervisord sends "load" reports once per minute to 
ngx_supervisord-aware upstream modules (read: upstream_fair), so this is as 
fast as it can react to changes in the load. Also, "load" is reported in 
requests per second per active backend and upstream_fair's load threshold is 
an integer, which means that you cannot react to such little changes (load 
0.1 or less) without modifications in the code.

> Is there a way to add backend server dynamically to the rotation?

Yes, but those backend servers must be in the configuration.

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