fcgi permissions according to script owner

Piotr Karbowski jabberuser at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 22:24:17 MSD 2010

On 16.08.2010 19:24, Frank Church wrote:
> On 16 August 2010 16:46, Piotr Karbowski<jabberuser at gmail.com>  wrote:
> Apache uses suexec to run the fastcgi under the user accounts permissions,
> the script I am using the php-fcgi daemon in /etc/init.d?

I have no idea about what /etc/init.d/php-fcgi script you are talking. I 
guess it's distro specified script which use spawn-fcgi to spawn php.

> Does nginx have the ability to do the same?

As I said, depends on what cgi you are talking about.

Nginx don't have ability to run cgi itself, it can connect to listening 
php or any other fastcgi. If you are talking about php, you can use 
spawn-fcgi or php-fpm (better) to run php as specified user.

So yes, you can have php script running as selected user.

Your way of thinking has been distorted by apache's mod_php propably.

-- Piotr.

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