Set generated PHP output to Memcached server by Nginx transparently

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Tue Aug 17 13:18:18 MSD 2010


I have set up for NginxHttpMemcachedModule and it works great reading
output that I have set to Memcached server through my OWN PHP code. But
that means I have to modify my PHP code to make it happens and sometimes
it is not easy if the code is third party. I really think it would be
more beneficial if the NginxHttpMemcachedModule could set the generated
PHP output into Memcached server. By doing so, I don't have to modify
PHP code to make it happen and it offers much better maintenance, using
Nginx server as the Memcache (cluster) Proxy.

Basically I need to be able to read PHP output from Memcached server:

1) If there is PHP output in the Memcached server given $uri, use it
2) If not, use fallback to the fastcgi or PHP-FPM
3) The generated PHP output of step 2 is set to the Memcached server BY
NGINX TRANSPARENTLY (no PHP code change but just Nginx configuration) to
the Memcached server so it can be read next time on step 1.

I notice that there is another module call NginxHttpMemcModule. It seems
that it could do the trick but I am not sure by looking at the
configuration example in the wiki.

Could someone provide some insight on this issue?

-- Jin Kuang

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