large_client_header_buffers directive is accepted in server, but ignored.

Brane F. Gračnar brane.gracnar at
Wed Aug 18 14:18:49 MSD 2010

Hello there!

We noticed quite lots of "414 Request URI to large" messages in nginx error 
logs for one of configured virtualhosts and decided to bump 
large_client_headers_buffers directive in server (virtualhost) context.

According to wiki documentation at, 
directive should be accepted and evaluated in http AND server context.

Directive is accepted, but completely ignored and 414 issue remains. However, 
problem is fixed if i move large_client_headers_buffers directive outside 
server context to http context.

We're using nginx 0.8.37. Considering changelog issue should be also present 
in 0.8.49, becouse there are only two mentions of large_client_headers_buffers 

Where is bug: in implementation or documentation? Either way, it should be 
fixed :)

Best regards, Brane

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