trying to get something like proxypassreverse going.

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Sat Aug 21 10:45:47 MSD 2010

Hey guys I hate to bump my own post but.....

I am still struggling to get this proxy going. I have followed example
after example on the web and nothing seems to work. I have also read
through the documentation on proxy_pass and proxy_redirect but I still
can't make it work.

What I am trying to do is pretty simple I think and surely this is a
solved problem.

Here is the situation.

I have a rails site. Initially I was serving with passenger but I
changed it to a proxy because I thought maybe passenger was causing a
problem. I am now using nginx without the passenger module.

The main web site is being served from the backend http://localhost:3001
 This part works great. I can go to and I get the web site
I am expecting.

I want anything in the /foo path to be handled by backend
http://localhost:3000    This almost works.  Then I browse it sends the request to the proper backend but
the stylesheets, images etc don't load. The reason is because the links
from the backend point to /stylesheets, /images etc and nginx is not
proxying these.

Somehow I need nginx to append /foo to /stylesheets when they come from

According to the documantation the proxy redirect is supposed to do this
but I can't find the magic incantation.  The documentation says ...

Let us suppose the proxied server returned line Location:

The directive

proxy_redirect http://localhost:8000/two/ http://frontend/one/;

will rewrite this line in the form Location:

In the replaceable line it is possible not to indicate the name of the

proxy_redirect http://localhost:8000/two/ /;

then the basic name of server and port is set, if it is different from

I tried this but I still can't make it work.  

Surely there is an easy way to this pretty simple thing.

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