trying to get something like proxypassreverse going.

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Sun Aug 22 06:57:43 MSD 2010

Tim Uckun <timuckun at> wrote:

Hi there,

>> Arrange that the backend application generates the correct-for-you urls
>> directly. That way, nginx doesn't have to do any special processing of
>> the body content, and it can just do what it does best.
> Thanks Francis for that concise and extremely clear explanation of
> what is going on.  I now know where to go proceed.

You're welcome.

There's a fuller discussion of the issue -- in the context of apache --

If you really really can't adjust the backend application, then you'll
want something like apache's mod_proxy_html (or mod_substitute, or
mod_sed, but they will leave lots of the fiddly details up to you to
get right).

nginx_substitutions_filter at
looks like the closest starting point to me; but you pretty much have to
parse the html and css to find things that end browser will consider a
url, and change all of them and only them. Parsing with regexes isn't fun.

Possibly someone has already done the work of creating an nginx version
of mod_proxy_html and then put it somewhere hidden from $SEARCH_ENGINE;
more likely everyone just configures the backend application to avoid
the need to adjust.

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