Rewrite lookup via MySQL table

btafoya nginx-forum at
Tue Aug 24 04:22:32 MSD 2010

Any chance I can use a MySQL database table to do a lookup to return the
url to rewrite to?

Let me explain the situation first...

Magento utilizes rewrite rules heavily but does the majority of the
rewrite within the Front controller. The problem is that it is VERY
in-efficient and a store with more than 10,000 products is severely
delay. But, all information is referenced in a table 'core_url_rewrite'
so my though it so do the lookup first in Nginx and hand off to Magento
with the non-seo url.

Any idea/though would be GREATLY appreciated.

Brian Tafoya
Prema Solutions

Current environment:

Two dedicated servers, one web, one db, both with ridiculous amounts of
memory and high speed drives.

php 5.3.3

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