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Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at
Wed Aug 25 00:57:11 MSD 2010

Il 16/08/2010 20:47, Jurie-Jan Botha ha scritto:
> Can anyone tell me how I can compile the WSGI module with another
> version of python other that the header libs installed on my Ubuntu
> system?

You have to manually change the config file, in order modify the python
instance to use.

> I've been able to compile it with 2.6.5 which is installed when I
> install python-dev but I'd like to try 2.7. I have limited experience
> with compiling from source.

You need to have Python 2.7 installed on the system.

> While we're on the topic... when will this WSGI Module become more
> official? I've had to jump quite a few hoops to get it compiled. It
> seems to me that everyone is using WSGI to run their python web apps
> these days.

It will be never an official module.

Nginx is not Apache, and executing arbitrary Python code inside a Nginx
process should be done very carefully.

> [...]

Regards  Manlio

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