log rotation on windows?

Arthur Blake arthur.blake at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 16:06:41 MSD 2010

I found the ultimate solution to my problem:  Switch to Linux :)

One more question:  On Linux, which command is better to rotate log files?

nginx -s reopen


kill -USR1 <nginx-pid>

I think using nginx -s reopen is better because its more clear and you don't
have to grab the pid.  On the other hand, using kill may be more unixy and
work better with some existing system rotation scripts.  But I think that's
moot anyway because using the USR1 signal to rotate logs is not really
standard.  It probably doesn't really matter.  I'm thinking that using kill
to rotate the logs is just sort of a "legacy" way of doing it before the -s
reopen option was added...
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