installing intermediate certificates globally?

Rt Ibmer rtibmx at
Wed Aug 25 19:51:51 MSD 2010

Hi all,

Thawte recently changed their certificate root structure and requires the installation of two intermediate certificates. A few questions please:

1) Am I correct that I need to take these two intermediate certs and just concatenate these to my public cert they issued me and that will work? At least, that is my understanding from the docs.

2) I am running the older nginx 0.6.31.  Is the above approach still valid? I wasn't sure if those notes in the docs about intermediate certs apply to the older 0.6 version...?

3) Instead of doing the above - is there another place where I can install these two intermediate certificates globally so that each year when I renew I don't have to remember to concatenate these certs to my new certificate? Ideally I'd like to place these two certs somewhere on the server and just use the cert they issue (without me having to concatenate these) and just have it pick up the two others it needs from some global configuration. Is this possible?

Thank you!


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