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Wed Aug 25 20:27:02 MSD 2010

I am using Nginx as a proxy in front of a Java application (because it's
hosted at Amazon where we only get one IP address per system, and I am
running multiple sites).

When the application calls getRequestURL, it gets
regardless of whether the request was actually http or https.

I am guessing that this is because Host gets set to either $host or
$http_host, both of which are, and somewhere along the
way an assumption gets made that that is http.  I have tried setting
Host to but that returns a completely empty page
- I assume that means it's an invalid value for the Host header.

I have spent quite a bit of time researching this and I have found that
Django users experience a similar problem and the fix is to add a header
like X-Url-Scheme and pass along the value of $scheme, which will be
https at the appropriate times.  However, I don't see other Java users
reporting similar problems, and the fix seems kind of kludgy to me.

Does this mean I have something configured incorrectly, or is this just
the way it works?  And if so is the above the best way to work around

Thanks in advance!

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