Problems with secured IE

Ian Hobson ian at
Wed Aug 25 23:41:31 MSD 2010

On 25/08/2010 02:21, Alexandr Sergeyev wrote:
> Ian,
> You're forcing Gzip encoding to all clients even if they do not send "accept encoding" request header. You even don't send content-encoding  in the answer which is also incorrect. Even if client says "I do not support gzip" you are sending it.
> Other warnings about your server behavior are her:
Hi Alexandr,

Thanks for the heads up - I did not know.

That paticular site is using phpCMS - and it appears that between phpCMS 
and php 5.2 things are a real mess.

Next test is to replace the processed page with a static one, and see if 
that helps.



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