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Thu Aug 26 00:09:18 MSD 2010


I am trying to put together a set of configuration files, generalized
for different web applications (for the moment just Drupal and
WordPress) and with added security. All of them will be modular so that
they can be interchanged, and also I tried to listen to many advices on
this forum, like the use of try_files instead of if, etc. And of course
this needs to be very simple and general so any custom modifications
will be excluded, so that the files can be used on any system and
application. Also, they are made just for NginX and PHP-FPM (or

This is available at and I am open to any
suggestions that you may have.

I am doing this because for the moment finding a good configuration
example is very difficult and involves a lot of searching and
trial&error. Most of them are intended for very specific applications
and must be heavily customized to get them working. You are welcomed to
add any comment you might have.

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