Encrypt the $remote_addr in log files

Dimitri Roschkowski dr at rootix.de
Sat Aug 28 14:39:44 MSD 2010

Hi, I want to give the user of my websites more privacy. Well – I just 
need the logs for debugging and some statistics. So I don’t need to save 
the real users IP address, but I need some kind of identifier string to 
separate users (like I do with IP addresses now). My idea is to just run 
md5 on the IP address, so I get a unique string for every IP address.

On the http://wiki.nginx.org/NginxHttpLogModule LogModule page in the 
Nginx Wiki I couldn’t find all variables, I can use in the log files. So 
is there a build in feature to encrypt the IP address or do I have to 
write my own (small) module to get this feature?

-- Dimitri

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