GEOIP context problem

syle nginx-forum at
Tue Aug 31 18:58:23 MSD 2010

Thankyou for repliies, as far as freebsd guy, reading your patch just
suggests not removing fast fastcgi_params file which would be a nice
till this is resolved.


I was doing strictly in http context as module was documented nothing
else and it was not recogised at all ie:

http { 
    #GEOIP, can parse ENV headers now for where they are located :)  
    geoip_city     /usr/local/share/GeoIP/GeoLiteCity.dat;
fastcgi_param GEOIP_CITY_COUNTRY_CODE $geoip_city_country_code;
fastcgi_param GEOIP_CITY_COUNTRY_CODE3 $geoip_city_country_code3;
fastcgi_param GEOIP_CITY_COUNTRY_NAME $geoip_city_country_name;
fastcgi_param GEOIP_REGION $geoip_region;
fastcgi_param GEOIP_CITY $geoip_city;
fastcgi_param GEOIP_POSTAL_CODE $geoip_postal_code;
fastcgi_param GEOIP_CITY_CONTINENT_CODE $geoip_city_continent_code;
fastcgi_param GEOIP_LATITUDE $geoip_latitude;
fastcgi_param GEOIP_LONGITUDE $geoip_longitude;

    #virtual hosting---all server {} directives
    include /usr/local/etc/nginx/vhosts/*;

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