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Mon Feb 1 12:05:05 MSK 2010

Yes, I think so too.
I reviewed the code, and this is problem about design.

the current design is much clear.
Maybe Sysoev have some simple approach.

2010/2/1 agentzh <agentzh at>

> 2010/1/30 yong xue <ultraice at>:
> > hi, sysoev,
> >     for proxy, can nginx give an new option, for example
> > client_max_body_size_in_buffer,  it will be served synchronously from
> > client
> > if client body size is greater than client_max_body_size_in_buffer ?
> >
> According to the current implementation, no easy way. ngx_proxy calls
> the ngx_http_read_client_request_body function to do the content body
> reading task for it, which always buffer the input request before
> creating the request for the remote upstream server.
> Even though technically speaking we *can* do that, but I'm afraid it
> will make things even worse if the backend server blocks a thread or a
> process on slow request processing (as in the Apache prefork mpm).
> So I don't think Igor Sysoev will do that *big* refactoring for
> something that often has little gain in real world ;)
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> -agentzh
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