NginxHttpUploadProgressModule constantly hangs

Brice Figureau brice+nginx at
Mon Feb 1 20:04:36 MSK 2010


On Sat, 2010-01-30 at 07:46 -0500, nginxhound wrote:
> Hello,
> Ive been trying to get this module to work for days now.
> It works, sorta.
> It consistently makes it about 1.3 megs and then freezes.
> Ive looked at hundreds of nginx.conf file, have set every parameter
> known to man in that file and in php.ini.
> Im away of just about every issue out there I think, at this point.
> But the progress bar still freezes at around 1.3 megs. Its made it as
> far as 3 megs. Sometimes it freezes at 500K.
> The other peculiar thing is, when the progress bar freezes, it still
> seems to be uploading.
> Then if I click on a bookmark in firefox to go to google, the progress
> bar will make a sudden jump, correcting itself to its REAL position
> just before the page changes. Same freeze occurs in IE.
> I even downgraded nginx to version 0.6.30, which was the latest tested
> with NginxHttpUploadProgressModule.
> Still no difference. Im using fastcgi to PHP 5.3.1.
> If have set all timeouts high, all max_client_body size type stuff
> BIG, etc.  
> Obviously, since it does work for a bit, most of the params have to be
> right. But it gets stuck.
> I have run out of ideas, but need to upload 30 meg video files WITH a
> progress bar.
> Otherwise I will have to switch to apache and I really dont want to do
> that.
> Heeeeeelp... im pulling all my hair out after many days of searching
> google for clues and looking at hundres of nginx conf files.
> Any ideas? Anything else I can try?

If you have any bug with this module, please a new issue at:

Make sure to enclose the full debug log (you need to compile nginx with

Also, make sure this isn't an issue with your javascript. If unsure
please use something like:
which are proven to work fine.

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