Freenode #nginx (IRC channel): needs owner (halp please, Igor)

merlin corey merlincorey at
Tue Feb 2 01:07:06 MSK 2010

Some IRC related issues and prospective ways to solve them for
community input and requiring the final sign off from Igor himself --

With the new release today, various people attempted to update the
topic (in which we keep the most recent version numbers) only to find
they COULD NOT update the topic.

08:32 < jbergstroem> wtf +t nowadays? :(
08:32 < jbergstroem> is there even someone with +o flag in here? :)

I wondered why, and it wasn't long before I found that apparently
freenode completely died at some point and our channel had no one in
it, as it was recreated:

13:25 -!- Channel #nginx created Fri Jan 29 23:48:24 2010

So, I ventured into the freenode staff channel (shudder).  What they
told me was that everyone needed to leave (hahaha), we could move to
##nginx unofficial channel (hahaha), or we could fill out the group
request form and get the channel registered.

I know Igor doesn't use IRC (or at least I haven't noticed him :P) so
I would be totally understanding if Igor didn't run to go fill out
their stupid form.  They DID say that someone else could fill out the
form and include an email address to contact for authorization of said
person to represent the project...

So, personally, if he would be wanting to take it on, I think mdounin
(Maxim) should own #nginx on freenode as he has been around the
longest and is closest to Igor.  If not, I would volunteer as well
(since I'm an IRC addict and am always around in one way or another).
Finally, if neither of us were willing or acceptable, I would be
suggest mshadle (Mike) because he has been around a while as well and
is almost as addicted to IRC as me.

Community thoughts?

Igor's thoughts?

Excerpts from staff channel:

13:32 < lstarnes> it would be better to ask for permission before doing it
13:32 < merlincorey> agree
13:32 < merlincorey> that's why I said I was starting chatter on the
mailing list ;)
13:34 < merlincorey> ok so to sum up; to fix modes there either
everyone must leave and then I register it, or I must go through
official channels and then can become owner (whether its me or mdounin
or someone else doesn't matter just using pronoun)
13:34 < lstarnes> correct
13:34 < merlincorey> alright thanks a lot
13:34 < lstarnes> or you can move to ##nginx if it isn't official

In the meantime...

13:39 -!- mode/#nginx [-t] by OperServ
13:40 < Tabmow> merlincorey: there you go. it should suffice until you
get the GRF filed :)

-- Merlin

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