Freenode #nginx (IRC channel): needs owner (halp please, Igor)

"C. Bergström" codestr0m at
Tue Feb 2 02:32:10 MSK 2010

Michael Shadle wrote:
> Freenode is the defacto standard for open source projects. Moving 
> doesn't make sense. Fixing the problem is the proper solution.
It's very popular, but there is oftc which is also very popular with 
groups that don't like freenode.  I am increasingly disappointed by 
freenode and while I currently still use it would be in strong support 
for migrating away.  I've had this exact problem in the very distant 
past.. It was was only resolved by excessive patience (months) and a 
small disturbance to some people's home ip long enough that they dropped 
from the channel..

Someone who knows a staffer should in general just ask them kindly to 
idle in the channel and update the topic for us until it's resolved.. I 
think it goes against policy, but maybe they are kind enough

good luck...

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