Freenode #nginx (IRC channel): needs owner (halp please, Igor)

merlin corey merlincorey at
Tue Feb 2 06:53:04 MSK 2010

2010/2/1 Nuno Magalhães <nunomagalhaes at>:
> Maybe this is a freenode quirk, but shouldn't a channel be registered
> and have a founder associated to it? Net crashes or splits will cause
> disruptions, but only temporary as chanserv will reinstance the
> previous configs... At least on the networks i use.
> Or maybe it's a different ircd software?
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The channel was never registered and no one (but Cliff) ever had ops
(but for a few short minutes).  This was never too much of a problem
because channel mode t was unset :D.  Then freenode switched IRCd's...
apparently everyone at some point left #nginx and the channel was
recreated - with the default server modes of +nt.

At any rate this happened to several groups today, and was temporarily
fixed thanks to operserv, but the end-solution for everyone is to get
their channels registered, which at this point must be done
"officially" since we cant make everyone part (in our case of 100+
people consistently).

Finally, I'm of the understanding that Cliff, as the original channel
creator (in the non-services sense), has put through a request for
official creation and at most we're now just waiting for freenode
staff to email Igor (if they will even need to do that) for a "do you
know this Cliff guy" sort of thing.

So, hopefully, very soon, there'll be a message in this thread saying
it's all done sorry for the alarums thanks to everyone :D.

-- Merlin

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