Response Sent To Wrong User

Yaoxing yaoxing.zhang at
Fri Feb 5 04:43:49 MSK 2010

Yes I'm using proxy_cache module, but I configured it not to cache this 
summaries.aspx. And most of the time it works. Only under heavy stress 
does this bug begin to show up. So I think it might not be a cache 
issue. I didn't change Cache-Control header, it's set to "Cache-Control: 
private" according to what I see in Firebug.
I'm running Nginx 0.7.64 on CentOS 5.


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> On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 4:22 AM, Yaoxing<yaoxing.zhang at>  wrote:
> Are you using proxy_cache at all in your nginx configuration?
> If so, what are the Expires: and Cache-Control headers being returned
> by the IIS back-end server? ASP.NET sets "Cache-Control: private" by
> default, but if you override that somehow, the wrong page could be
> served to the wrong user.
> Also, what version nginx are you using, and on which OS?
> -- RPM

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