Overwriting a request cookie with a variable

Markus Jelsma markus at buyways.nl
Fri Feb 5 18:15:31 MSK 2010

Hello list,

I have managed to retrieve data from memcache in a variable using the eval 
module in Nginx but now i need that variable to be injected into the current 
HTTP request.

An incoming HTTP request carries a cookie named token. I use that token to 
look up a value in memcache. Afterwards, i need to replace the original token 
cookie value with that new value i got from memcache before proxying the 
request to a backend.

I have looked in the wiki and figured i need to write a variable, but writing 
to my cookie doesn't seem to work. Also, i have not seen any leads in the 
HttpCoreModule documentation on how to set/overwrite/manipulate a variable 
from the HTTP request.


Markus Jelsma - Technisch Architect - Buyways BV
050-8536620 / 06-50258350

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