nginx + wordpress rewrite question

Jaime Magiera jaime at
Tue Feb 9 03:09:16 MSK 2010


This is a really basic question. I'm unfamiliar with nginx (didn't even know it existed until a couple days ago) and not a master at URL rewrites. I have been tasked with hooking up Wordpress to nginx. The basic setup was easy enough. However, I'm running into some problems with the rewrites. I've been asked to rewrite from the static permalink format...

"/blog/$postname$-$post_id$"   (e.g. /blog/my_blog_post_title-49) => to the standard "/blog/?p=N"

I've tried a bunch of variations, but I keep getting it wrong because the non-post content (css, images, etc.) are returning 404s. Does anyone have an example of how to do a nginx rewrite that does the above?

thanks for any suggestions,

Jaime Magiera

Sensory Research, Inc.

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