How to read http_userid's Base64 encoded userid from Ruby?

Sven C. Koehler schween at
Tue Feb 9 15:20:47 MSK 2010


I am using the http user id module and have not yet figured out how I can
read the base64 encoded cookie from Ruby.  It seems like nginx uses a
different form of base64 than Ruby does... 

| uid value = E2F32BD0F154704B0C176D1D02050303 

In Ruby I see the cookie encoded like this:

| {"uid"=>"0Cvz4ktwVPEdbRcMAwMFAg=="}
When I try to decode this value with Base64 in Ruby I get:

|  require "base64"   
|  enc="0Cvz4ktwVPEdbRcMAwMFAg=="     
| => "0Cvz4ktwVPEdbRcMAwMFAg=="
|  Base64.decode64(enc)
| => "\320+\363\342KpT\361\035m\027\f\003\003\005\002"

Has anyone an idea about what I am doing wrong here?


[nginx.conf entries regarding  http userid]
|  userid          on;
|  userid_name     uid;
|  userid_domain;
|  userid_path     /;
|  userid_expires  720d;
|  userid_p3p      'policyref="/w3c/p3p.xml", CP="ADMa DEVa PSAa PSDa OUR IND DSP NON COR"';

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