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Wed Feb 10 01:25:48 MSK 2010

On Sat, Feb 6, 2010 at 2:32 AM, Wohbah <2947779 at> trolled:
> <editorial>
> Conditionals are fundamental.  Imagine a CPU without one.

Maxim already pointed out that the only place there are conditionals
in processors are in the JXX opcodes.  I just like repeating the

>  Lack of
> conditionals makes makes me ill.  One of the few things not to like about
> nginx.

There's conditionals all over!  They just prefer to be declarative
rather than imperitive.

>  Mabye *location* is evil ... but not conditionals.  If nginx
> conflicts with computer science, the flaw is not in compsci.

Not in our experience.  We might actually have been using this
software a few times over the years, too.

> Now, avoiding "if" over labor effort, OK, that is a legitimate and good
> reason!  In fact, it's a much better reason than denying fundamental
> compsci.

Fundamental computer science concepts indeed!  You should get your
money back if you are a computer science student and only learned the
imperative paradigm.  I refer you to this paper: . Let's have an

The basic property of a declarative programming language is that a
program is a theory in some suitable logic. This property immediately
gives a precise meaning to programs written in the language. From a
programmers point of the the basic property is that programming is
lifted to a higher level of abstraction. At this higher level of
abstraction the programmer can concentrate on stating  what is to be
computed, not necessarily  how it is to be computed. In Kowalski's
terms where algorithm = logic + control, the programmer gives the
logic but not necessarily the control.

In NginX, you tell it WHAT you want to do, and it handles the HOW.

> But it means ugly software.  Nginx foists complexity onto user .conf files.
> Which, as you say, work inconsistently (more ugliness).

This statement is opinion of the author, who is unfamiliar with nginx
configuration language and higher level concepts such as declarative
programming in general.  This author personally finds nginx to be
beautiful software that allows him to make simple configurations
relative to other httpd's.

> Still, thank you nginx for wonderful software.  It sometimes seems like a
> baby with a rash, you just want it to heal so there's less diaper changing.
> </editorial>

Excuse the vernacular but it fits perfectly...  NginX rarely takes a
shit for me, mate!

-- Merlin

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