nginx doesn't switch upstream in some cases

Guillaume Filion gfk at
Wed Feb 10 21:37:52 MSK 2010

Guillaume Filion a écrit :
> However, last night's problem was not with a backend, but with a reverse
> proxy. The machine was still up (responding to pings) but apache was not
> responding.
> The was no response to HTTP requests to the reverse proxy. I guess
> that's the "timeout" directive, but somehow that didn't work...

It turned out that I was missing this directive:
proxy_connect_timeout 2;

I couldn't find the default value, but I guess that it was too high for
my application.

What this directive in place, when one reverse proxy is down, half the
requests take 0.2sec to return and half take 2.2sec to return. This is
good enough for me. :)

Guillaume Filion

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