Filesize issue with Nginx Upload Progress Module

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Wed Feb 10 23:40:05 MSK 2010

Hi all,

we are using nginx in front of a mongrel cluster to serve our Rails application.

I am now trying to run a Rails Metal in front of the Rails stack to handle file uploads. Some of the files are then transferred to a ftp server.

To give feedback to the uploader I have recompiled the nginx package to include the Upload Progress Module.

The config file basically looks like the one in the UploadProgressModule example:

upload_progress uploadtracker 1m;

location /customer/files/ftp_upload {	
# mongrel on development mode runns on port 3001

track_uploads uploadtracker 30s;			

location ^~ /upload_progress {
    report_uploads uploadtracker;

location / {
  # standard config....

While uploading files, the server responds to the progress requests, but the received data seems to be off. The file size is correct, but the received part of the JSON is always equal to the size, no matter how large the file is.

The Server response always looks something like this (in this case about 230kb file):

new Object({ 'state' : 'uploading', 'received' : 235134, 'size' : 235134 })

Can anybody help me resolve this problem, why the progress module does not send the correct received size?


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