Nginx + PHP FASTCGI FAILS - how to debug ?

war59312 nginx-forum at
Fri Feb 12 07:13:18 MSK 2010

Same problem here.

This is with a clean install of Nginx 0.8.33 and Ubuntu Server 9.10. Will try with 0.7.65 soon.

Anyhow, Nginx with PHP FastCGI works fine for a while and then just dies. Time it works seems random to me.

If I restart Nginx and PHP FastCGI, web pages in php will load once again, but oddly it keeps trying to load any images / scripts / files, etc. using https now. I don't have https. Agan this does not happen from the start.

Very strange behavior and does not happen until I start seeing 502 Errors.

Have to reboot server for it to work again and it does every single time after a reboot.

Really confusing.

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