GeoIP rewite rule?, redirect CHINA users to an error page.

CLIFFORD ILKAY clifford_ilkay at
Mon Feb 15 06:56:15 MSK 2010

On 02/14/2010 10:18 PM, Todd Fisher wrote:
> you should do more to educate your client?

You know, it's pretty annoying to have you lecture me on this when I was 
only trying to help the original poster. I've explained the proxy 
situation to my client by they insist they want those TLDs blocked. 
They're the client and they call the shots. Besides, I don't think 
they're wrong anyway. The site in question only caters to Canadians and 
Americans so it's no big loss if people from various countries we don't 
cater to can't see the site, without putting some effort into it. The 
site encourages people to do business locally with people they meet 
face-to-face. Leaving the site accessible to people visiting from the 
aforementioned countries only results in the legitimate users being 
inundated with all manner of scam emails, the majority of which are from 
Africa, Eastern Europe, and East Asia. We can't completely eliminate 
those scam emails but if we can reduce them by about 90% simply by 
blocking those TLDs, which we have on both counts, it's a trade-off that 
has no downside.

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