GeoIP rewite rule?, redirect CHINA users to an error page.

CLIFFORD ILKAY clifford_ilkay at
Mon Feb 15 09:26:44 MSK 2010

On 02/15/2010 12:40 AM, Cliff Wells wrote:
> Incidentally I'm not trying to lecture you, but I think this
> conversation is worth having in this public forum as there are many
> people who will read this at some future date, and without some
> counter-argument, they might be led into thinking this is a good
> solution to a security-related problem without considering all the
> implications first.

This was not done for reasons related to the security of the server. It 
was done purely to reduce the number of scam emails originating from the 
aforementioned TLDs to the advertisers of the goods on my client's web 
site. If the governments of the countries represented by those TLDs took 
Internet fraud and other Internet-related malfeasance more seriously and 
prosecuted the criminal gangs that are often behind these activities, 
then we wouldn't have to resort to such drastic measures.

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