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Tue Feb 16 18:25:21 MSK 2010


I am setting up a reverse-proxy system with Nginx (0.8.32) both as back-end and proxy. The system is used for delivering static large files.

What I would like to achieve is caching the files on the proxies as long as possible offloading the back-end. I would also like the proxy to react to changes on the back-end, but without retransmitting already cached unmodified content.

My problem is that I'm not able to get the proxy to revalidate unmodified static content  without retransmitting the already cached file. E.g. if I set proxy_cache_valid for 200/OK delivered content to 60 minutes the proxy won't react to changes in the back-end for that period of time, and if I set it to 1 minute the file will be retransmitted from back-end to proxy every minute, if requested from the proxy by a client. What I would like is, for example, for the proxy to revalidate cached content with I-M-S set to the time of the content being cached and if not modified refreshing the validity of the previously cached content and returning it to the client.

I've looked through the documentation and played with cache-control directives like for example pre/post-check without succeeding in creating this behaviour. There probably is an obvious answer to this question, only I haven't been able to find it.

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Fredrik Widlund

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