Issue with 3rd-party memc and eval modules

Markus Jelsma markus at
Wed Feb 17 11:51:12 MSK 2010

Hello Piotr,

Sorry for the late reply, the ML is not very happy with me i guess for i 
didn't get this in my mailbox. I've downloaded and compiled agentzh's eval 

What comes out:

Well, agentzh's latest eval source - directly taken from the most recent 
commit - not only works with multiple eval blocks, it also neatly allows the 
memc module to close it's connection to the memcache server. So it seems it is 
not memc issue but has to do with the eval module.

First i used Valery's source from his github, it seems the source at the time 
did allow for multiple eval blocks but could not let the connection close.

The question now is, will their come an `official` source for the eval module? 
Or may we assume Valery's page [1] is the one point to download from?

Thanks Piotr for the tip!



>Yes, I'm aware of that. But the version you're using (official one) doesn't
>include changes made by agentzh, hence my request for you to check if it
>works with memc. Please note that this modification was made before multiple
>evel blocks were added, so it will work with only one block.
>Anyway, if memc will work fine with modifications made by agentzh, then you
>should ask Valery to include them in official release.
>Best regards,
>Piotr Sikora < piotr.sikora at >

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