Issue with 3rd-party memc and eval modules

Markus Jelsma markus at
Wed Feb 17 14:47:16 MSK 2010

Sounds good!

But Valery, i previously used your new eval module that allows for multiple 
blocks. That version had an issue with not letting memc_pass close the 
memcached connection when setting values (getting values worked properly).

Now, for the moment, i use agentzh's eval which for some reason also allows 
for multiple eval blocks and does let memc_pass close the connection.

I'd prefer to use your release if a fix could be made that closes the 
connection with the memcache server.


>I appreciate your interest in my software, but the problem with this
> contributed code at the moment is that it is not as efficient as it could
> possibly be and it is not universal enough.
>In particular I don't like the presence of "eval_subrequest_in_memory"
> directive at all, because it specifies which way of internal communication
> the module needs to use, which doesn't make any sense for end user.
>Second, the contributed code allocates a buffer and uses it in order to
> assemble the output of subrequest in it. This allocation can be totally
> avoided, if an appropriate state machine is implemented.
>As soon as these issues are resolved, I'll accept this code.

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