UpstreamConsistentHash, is it wrong?

Markus Jelsma markus at
Wed Feb 17 15:31:57 MSK 2010

For your information:

I've sent Mauro the information a couple of days ago; it contained some 
sensitive information that's not suitable for the web.

Anyway, Mauro found the issue and can perhaps fix it some day, here is a 
snippet from his reply mentioning the issue and a temporary work-around.

>seems you found a real problem there... my nginx module creates the
>hashring based on the ip's of the upstreams that you defined in the
>config, while the memcache module creates it based on the exact string
>that you gave it as server. which means the nginx does the dns
>resolution first, the memcache module does it afterwards. could you
>try writing the ips instead of the dns in your php?
>i will come up with a patch for this, but for now it should be ok by
>writing just the ips.

In other words, for now we must use only IP addresses in Python/PHP scripts as 
well as in the upstream configuration block. The work-around has been 
confirmed to work as Mauro says.

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