Issue with 3rd-party memc and eval modules

Markus Jelsma markus at
Thu Feb 18 13:55:33 MSK 2010


I've tested a bit further and the both agentzh and Valery's module do not 
close the connection inside an interal location called by echo_subrequest. In 
that internal location i try to use proxy_pass to fetch an uuid from a 

Earlier i had that block of code in a larger location but due to various 
module's order of execution i tried to split the parts into internal location.

I immediately got the same problem as before. I've then tried to use the other 
module but it doesn't work either.

Anyway, i wonder if creating a module on my own would be easier in the end, 
dealing with many conditional operators and eval blocks inside the 
configuration is either quite a challenge or not feasible.


>I'll try to fix this problem.

Markus Jelsma - Technisch Architect - Buyways BV
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