server_name in virtual host file does not take > 15 characters domain name

jarek jaroslaw.boss at
Thu Feb 18 14:50:43 MSK 2010

You are absolutely right Piotr, I should do it in first place  thanks
for reminding....
Cliff's links will give a better idea of how to set the hash bucket
size etc.
Anyway this is what I've done to sort it :

I had to add the following line:

server_names_hash_bucket_size 64;

to the nginx.conf

I think default was 32 however you won't find settings for it in the
default nginx.conf

It should be placed within
http {    }  section



On Feb 17, 9:23 pm, Piotr Karbowski <jabberu... at> wrote:
> Tell about this solution to prevent from asking again about it.

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