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Fri Feb 19 01:04:47 MSK 2010

Hi guys,

I am planning to use nginx as reserve proxy in front my Apache server. Our site is under heavy DoS attack, where attacker sends a lot of malformed HTTP request to flood Apache. I intend to filter out the attacker by:

- Setting up nginx as reserve proxy

- If user connect for the first time, redirect to a test.php page, where a captcha is used to detect if it is really human.

- If pass, a secret cookie is set to identify this user for a period of time. With this cookie, user will be able to go further into Apache.

As a result, I need to have some kind of rewrite rule based on checking cookie value (this is calculated by sha1 REMOTE_ADDR + REQUEST_DATE, for example, for each user). Could anyone suggest a easy way of implementing this with nginx? 


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